Re-Look: Smart’s Instagram

It was in 2017, a year after its new logo launch, that Smart saw the opportunity to revamp and introduce a new look on Instagram, making the content lifestyle-centric and relatable, while setting itself apart from the competitor. 

The idea is anchored on the premise that Smart is an urban lifestyle brand – thus the color, texture, tone and settings of the content should be city-like, fast-moving and always modern.

The new Smart Communications instagram page is very lifestyle and personal – as if it’s a visual diary of an urban techie and pop-culture junkie. 

There are minimal to no graphics, types or layouts. The content has shifted to plain images, which are carefully shot, thought of and curated to make sure the brand personality is evident even just with the visuals. 

Project Details

Producer MSocial, Inc.
Strategy Raj Bay
Creatives Kendell Rojas
Alison Arcinas
Client Smart Communications
Channel Social Media
Date 2017
Scope Content Strategy
Project Objectives

Primary objective is to re-design how Smart presents itself on social media, especially on Instagram, moving away from promo-driven and heavy graphic layouts. 

Project Execution
  • Creative strategy 
  • Production of materials on series of photo and video shoots
  • Thematic shoot day with existing brand KOLs



The photos are bit dark, with low contrast and less saturation, which keeps the blacks a bit faded, and the colors a bit muted, but not dull.



For Facebook, we are using the same treatment and strategy on images, only with minimal type+ brand and partner logos to amplify communications.


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