Pampers It’s a Mom’s Life

A week into the lockdown, we had to pivot strategies to fit the current situation. We have pitched It’s a Mom’s Life to lead PR agency, FUSE and client PAMPERS Philippines.

For the first months of the lockdown, there hasn’t been any show on TV for the moms. And we understand that the pandemic has been for all, but especially for moms, thus the birth of an 8-episode Facebook Live session about moms, created for moms, and hosted by moms.

Project Details

Producer MSocial, Inc.
Live Director Raj Bay
Show Writer Lizzy Capellan
Client Pampers Philippines
Lead PR Agency FUSE
Date 2020
Scope Facebook Live Sessions
Project Objectives
The objective is to start a series of live talk shows for and about moms, especially in the these trying times.
Project Execution
  • Creative & Content strategy
  • Online livestream production
  • Production of materials

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